Retreat Calendars

The retreat calendars are listed by diocese. Select a calendar from the menu on the right to view upcoming retreats. If you don't see your parish retreat listed, please have a designated person from your parish fill out the form (click button below), and we will post your retreat. Please be patient and allow up to two weeks to see your retreat listed. Thank you.

REMINDER: We receive many inquiries asking if there are any other retreats not on the list. These calendars represent all scheduled retreats of which the AM office is aware. We depend on our members to help us keep the calendars as up to date as possible. If you do not see a retreat listed for your diocese or parish, you should contact them directly and ask them to submit their retreat info. ACTS Missions does not have a master list of retreats beyond what is published here.

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Partial Retreat Scholarships

The mission of our Scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to parish based ACTS teams. This is accomplished through financial assistance to retreatants in need, teen retreats, and mission teams as they evangelize ACTS to new parishes. Parish core and mission teams can apply for financial assistance by completing the Application Form. This information will not be shared outside of ACTS Missions.

There are several criteria that we look at in order to determine scholarship eligibility:

  1. Scholarship request must be received at ACTS Missions 4 - 6 weeks prior to the retreat date.
  2. Following documents must be submitted with scholarship request:
    • Retreat Budget
    • Team Roster
    • Retreat Schedule
  3. Parish Registration: Your parish must be registered as an ACTS parish. CLICK TO REGISTER
  4. Retreat Registration: The parish retreat must be registered with ACTS Missions. CLICK TO REGISTER
  5. ACTS Retreat Training: Have the Director and Co-director(s) attended an ACTS Retreat Training within the past two years? The retreat director and co-director(s) must complete the ACTS Retreat Leadership course. CLICK TO VIEW WORKSHOP SCHEDULE
  6. Are your parish Core Members compliant with the Core Training requirements? Ref.: Core Charter, page 26, no.4.
  7. Is your parish core sending ACTS Missions the Team & Retreatant lists with contact information for all your retreats? Ref.: Core Charter, page 5, no.5.2.4 and Director's Manual, page 10.2.
  8. Is your parish supporting ACTS Missions via the Evangelization Tithe?

 The funding of an ACTS retreat is a shared responsibility. The parish, the team and the retreatants must bear the majority of the expense. ACTS Missions can provide additional assistance through our partial scholarships, if needed. Your application will be reviewed by ACTS Missions using criteria-based analysis.

  • We look at your retreat budget. Be prepared to submit a copy of your budget when you fill out the scholarship application.
  • We look at your retreat fund raising efforts. 
  • We will confirm that the director and co-directors have completed ACTS Retreat Training.
  • We check whether your parish has shared prior retreat rosters with ACTS Missions.
  • We determine if your parish has provided continued support of ACTS Missions through tithing.

This information is essential to update our database for future fundraising. We, as a spiritual community, must share in the financial support of ACTS in order to continue evangelizing His word.

Keep in mind the amount of the scholarship awarded varies from parish to parish and based on the information ACTS Missions receives as stated above.

Please allow four weeks for review and processing.

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ACTS Retreat Training

ACTS Core Training 

Teen ACTS Retreat Training

Taller de Retiro ACTS



Teen ACTS Retreat Training


ACTS Retreat Training

  •   Saturday, January 13, 2018; 8:30am-5:00pm
  •    The Church of St. Mary; 1347 E. 49th Pl.
  •    Tulsa, OK
  •   Saturday, January 27, 2018; 8:30am-5:00pm
  •   The Church of St. Benedict; 632 Kickapoo St. 
  •   Shawnee, OK



Retreat Calendars